Why you should promote wine in your restaurant?

The importance of wine in a restaurant business

Why you should promote wine in your restaurant?


Why you should promote wine in your restaurant?


In this blog, we will explore why the promotion of wine in your restaurant is so important, and how if done correctly, this can help your business to flourish.

If you are running a restaurant, chances are, you are already reasonably familiar with wine. Let’s face it. Wine and food create perfect harmony. Whether you are traditional in your food and wine matching or you like to think outside the box with unconventional pairing options. Here are a few of our thoughts on why you should be promoting wine in your restaurant.


Another selling point


Having a well-crafted wine list in your restaurant is a great look for your business. It adds a certain level of sophistication, enhances your guests' experience and becomes another talking point for your guests and allows you to tell a story around your food and wine.

For instance, if you have a French restaurant you can focus on offering wine from every major wine region in France. Tell people a little about the region, and what makes the wine from that region stand out. People will be impressed with your knowledge and more likely to recommend you to their friends and family.

Furthermore, having a good wine presence in your restaurant will attract those who are familiar with wine, and like to engage in conversation about it.

It is a good idea to give some basic wine training to your staff. This will make them more comfortable recommending wine, conversing with your guests and suggesting wine and food pairings.


Helps your profits


A restaurant is a business, and wine is good for business. Promoting wine in your restaurant can have a tremendously positive effect on your restaurant’s profits. First of all, selling wine in your restaurant should increase your overall sales. This coupled with the fact that alcoholic beverages are generally the highest marked up products in the restaurant, it makes sense to promote wine in your restaurant.

Secondly, research suggests that tables which order wine generally have larger overall dining bills, and tend to order more appetizers and desserts. So make sure people are enjoying their wine at your restaurant and your profits will increase. Lastly, guests who enjoyed their stay tend to leave more tips for your staff helping employees’ satisfaction.


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