Cantina del Garda - Unique Italian Character

Classic Italian DOC and DOCG wines with unique and unmistakable characteristics.

Cantina del Garda - Unique Italian Character

Cantina del Garda is our newest addition to the already comprehensive list of Italian wines that we have in our portfolio. The winery makes wonderful denomination specific wines from their facilities located near the breathtaking Lake Garda in Northern Italy.

Lake Garda is Italy's largest body of water, and its coast and the inland areas have a long history of winemaking dating back to the Bronze Ages. The area is the northernmost Mediterranean climate in Europe and offers great conditions for vine cultivation - sunny days and breezy evenings ensure that grapes have ample time to develop their full character and not ripen too quickly.

For the food, history and wine lovers out there, Lake Garda and the surrounding areas will be a paradise. Alpine mountains, green sceneries, boat rides, Medieval castles and idyllic villages with vineyards on every corner. These beautiful vineyards provide grapes for Cantina del Garda wines.


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Their DOC and DOCG appellation specific wines offer great value for money and have a beautiful presentation combining modern and contemporary design styles - just what we needed to enhance our Italian selection of wines and offer something from Northern Italy at an entry-level price point outside of the standard Pinot Grigio. 


The extended area around the Lake Garda offers some of the most valued wines in Italy and our selection will complement any wine list


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Custoza DOC, Cantina del Garda for instance is a white wine produced in a small village of the same name located in the province of Verona at the bottom of the Lake Garda. The landscape there is marked by short hills and narrow plains formed thousands of years ago by the retreating glaciers - these rolling hills offer morainic soils which prove to be excellent bedrock for vine plantings. The wine itself is pleasantly fruity and has a floral, aromatic aroma. It is a perfect summer aperitif when served cold, but it will also work with appetisers and fish dishes.

Lugana DOC, Cantina del Garda on another hand is grown on flat lands which are rich in clay soil directly facing the Lake Garda to the North. It is a prestigious white wine produced using Turbiana grapes grown in soil that has a wealth of minerals dissolved in it - this is crucial to the characteristics of this wine. Lugana is delicate on the nose but has an abundance of minerality that is absorbed from the aforementioned soil. 

Bardolino Chiaretto DOC, Cantina del Garda, we now move to the eastern coast of the Lake Garda to perhaps the most recognisable region around the lake. Named after the Bardolino village - a popular tourist destination and most known for the red version of the wine. This Chiaretto style is a rose version of the wine that is perfect for summer holidays by the lake. The example from Cantina del Garda has a floral nose with scents of small red fruits and savoury, fresh and harmonious palate - exceptionally fresh.

We now move further inland to the east of the lake and perhaps the most famous red wine district - Valpolicella DOCG, Cantina del Garda. The region is made up of hills and valleys and the wine must be made from a short list of native grapes. The example from Cantina del Garda for example is made with Corvina grapes grown in morainic hills with a good concentration of calcium and clay in the soil. It is vinous and pleasantly intense with red grapefruit scents. The palate is soft, full-bodied with green pepper notes and a long finish.

Amarone Della Valpolicella DOCG, Cantina del Garda comes from the same region but is made in a different method. After the harvest, the most suitable grapes are dried for up to 3 months. The wine obtained from these grapes is then aged in wooden barrels for over 2 years which leads to more concentrated and aromatic juice. The finished wine is an intensely flavoured dry wine - you can expect earthy notes and hints of sour cherries. The palate should be velvety and strong, ending with a lingering, dry finish.

Prosecco Spumante DOC, Cantina del Garda, Prosecco is without a doubt the most iconic sparkling wine in Italy. This example is made from a combination of grapes grown in flat and hilly vineyards. It has a pleasing and steady stream of bubbles and a very fresh, crisp and harmonious taste.


We are really excited about the range offered by Cantina del Garda. If you would like to list any of their wines in your restaurant, hotel or pub, get in touch!

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