Harpers Wine Stars 2022 - Results

Harpers Wine Stars 2022 - Results

Harpers Wine Stars is a yearly wine competition that assesses the wines based on their full offering. The judging panel consists of wine experts from various parts of the wine industry, from independent wine merchants and wholesalers to restaurants and sommeliers. 

The taste profile, value for money and design proposition are all evaluated by the judges' keen eyes and their taste buds. The assessment is broken into three rounds. In the first round, the judges conduct a blind taste where they test the wine's aroma, taste and quality. In the second round, the judges find out the recommended retail price of each wine and the target market, so they can give an indication of the wine's value for money. Lastly, in the third round, the product is revealed and the judges can score the wine's design, packaging and labelling. They consider how well the design communicates the wine in the bottle and if it is relevant to its target audience.

What is unique about the Harpers Wine Stars, is that they take a dedicated and detailed country view. So, wines from the same country or region are judged against each other, just like they would be assessed by a wine buyer. This also lets the judges choose wines that stand out from that specific region. Thanks to this approach, we decided to enter 4 wines from our portfolio, each from a different country to receive valuable feedback on our wholesale wine range.


Slates Of Bonmont, Reserva de la Tierra, Spain - 4 Stars

 Slates Of Bonmont 4 Harpers Wine Stars

Our first entry is from Spain, a small wine region called Priorat located in Catalonia to be exact. Priorat is known for producing some of Spain's most powerful red wines, and red grape varieties are dominant in the region. 

Slates of Bonmont is a blend of their most prominent varieties from vines planted in slate soil. It has warm ripe aromas reminiscent of red currants and blackberries, vanilla, chocolate and jams. A savoury wine with an attractive silky texture. It is well-structured with ripe tannins and a long finish. 

The wine comes to us from Reserva de la Tierra, a producer who focuses on sustainable practices and has over 60 years of experience. Their Priorat winery is located in the west of the region, where the vines are grown on steep hillsides and terraces whose slate earth is known as licorella and is typical of the Priorat region.


Leone Shiraz, Lou Miranda Estate, Australia - 4 Stars

 Leone Shiraz 4 Harpers Wine Stars

We now move to Australia, where we nominated a wonderful Shiraz from a family-owned boutique winery located at the Southern end of the Barossa Valley. 

The estate's philosophy is simple but very effective, 'you can only make great wine with great fruit'. The Leone range honours the Miranda family's tradition in wine-making that dates back to the beginning of the last century. The name originates from the founder's mother, Caterina Leone and also means lion in Italian. 

The Shiraz from the range is full of ripe fruit aromas like raspberry and plum with a hint of peppery spice. The wine is full-bodied and flavoursome with smooth, mouth-filling tannins and a long finish. 


First Edition Syrah, Valle Secreto, Chile - 4 Stars

Valle Secreto First Edition Syrah 4 Harpers Wine Stars

Our third entry comes from the Cachapoal Andes in Chile where Valle Secreto winery makes their exceptional quality wines since 2007. A relatively young boutique winery determined to make its mark on the world of wine.

The Valle Secreto's First Edition range promises to offer the perfect balance between fruit, barrel, acidity and structure. As the name suggests, this line was Valle Secreto's first venture into winemaking and they have been perfecting the range ever since. First Edition focuses on single varietal wines to express their terroir in each variety. 

First Edition Syrah impresses with fruit intensity and freshness throughout. The wine offers elegant and complex aromas of dark red fruits with smoky notes. On the palate, this Syrah is well-structured with powerful and concentrated tannins that linger.


South Island 'Kiwi Style' Sauvignon Blanc, South Africa - 3 Stars

South Island Kiwi Style 3 Harpers Wine Stars

Finally, we have our exclusive 'Kiwi Style' Sauvignon Blanc. We introduced this wine in 2021 as a response to the New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc shortage of that year. 

The South Island brand has been one of our best-selling exclusive labels for several years. Normally, a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, in 2021 the New Zealand's winegrowers had one of the smallest harvests in a decade, so we decided to opt for a similarly styled juice from the cool climate of the Breede River Valley in South Africa and called it 'kiwi style'. 

Our 'Kiwi Style' Sauvignon Blanc has an inviting nose of tropical fruits with a hint of green leaves. The wine is wonderfully balanced between full mouthfeel and refreshing zestiness, which is followed by a lingering dry finish.


To check out Harpers Wine Stars 2022 results you can click here. If you are interested in any one of these wines or you would like to list any wine from our wholesale wine selection in your restaurant, hotel or shop get in touch. We will be more than happy to help.


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