The Pikes - Wines Supporting Mountain Rescue

Drink responsibly and support mountain rescue with every sip.

The Pikes - Wines Supporting Mountain Rescue


We are very excited to introduce a new pair of wines called The Pikes. The pair consists of a Chilean Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot, but most importantly it is a wine with a mission: supporting mountain rescue!


For every bottle of The Pikes sold, we will donate 50p to Langdale/Ambleside Mountain Rescue Team (LAMRT), who rescue 100s of mountaineers in the central Lake District every year.


Why Mountain Rescue?

At EWGA Wines, we are committed to this cause because our team has a deeply rooted passion for all things outdoors. We love to hike, walk and enjoy the Lake District. The Managing Director, Adrian Moeckell, is not just a business leader but an avid mountaineer who has explored most continents on the planet. Adrian is also a local Scout leader, so fostering outdoor skills and safety from a young age is very important for him.


The Langdale Ambleside Mountain Rescue Team


Last year, we reached out to LAMRT and donated to them the funds that we would have otherwise spent on Christmas cards. A move that is in alignment with our sustainability policy. The LAMRT team were very gracious with their time and we also introduced the idea of The Pikes to them. They liked the idea and gave us the green light to get to work.


The Pikes range will donate a portion of its profits to the work of the Langdale/Ambleside Mountain Rescue Team. This team of 'professional volunteers' is an indispensable force operating in Britain's busiest mountain area, the central Lake District.


LAMRT deals with over 100 incidents annually, rescuing mountaineers in distress and ensuring the safety of those exploring the beautiful Lake District.


Adventure Smart in the Lake District

The Pikes' other aim is to raise awareness of the Adventure Smart initiative promoted by LAMRT. Before embarking on your next mountain adventure, take a moment to ask yourself three crucial questions:

Do I have the right gear?

Do I know what the weather will be like?

Am I confident I have the knowledge & skills for the day?


Gear Weather Skills Adventure Smart


These simple questions can make all the difference, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable outdoor experience. For more advice and information on responsible mountain going in the Lake District, visit:


The Essence of The Pikes

For the project to succeed, we needed the right label design and excellent wine. For the label design, we chose a simple artwork inspired by The Langdale Pikes.


Aguirre Wines


For the wine, we reached out to our friends at Viña de Aguirre, a family-owned and operated winery in the Maule Valley in Chile. Their vineyards start at the foot of the Andes Mountains and stretch across to the Pacific Ocean. Their vineyards stand 100m above sea level, benefiting from a privileged microclimate that ensures extraordinary grape quality. As a part of Sustainable Wines of Chile, they adhere to voluntary standards guiding sustainable winemaking across vineyards, winery-bottling plant, and the social sector.


The Pikes range consists of two exceptional wines. The Merlot has a lovely violet colour and boasts a nose of fresh blueberries and strawberries. It is a medium-bodied wine with smooth, well-integrated tannins. It is ideal with chicken, turkey, or pasta. 

The Pikes Merlot

The Sauvignon Blanc is pale yellow with green hints. It exudes aromas of yellow grapefruit and green apple. The palate is elegant and zesty. It pairs perfectly with seafood and salads. 

The Pikes Sauvignon Blanc

Support The Cause 

By choosing The Pikes, you will support mountain rescue efforts in the Lake District and help to promote the Adventure Smart initiative. If you want to list The Pikes in your restaurant, shop or venue, get in touch with us today. Call 01524 737 100 or email

 You can also buy a case on our website to enjoy in your home:

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