Learning With EWGA Wines - Australia

Learning With EWGA Wines - Australia

Part 3 of our wine learning propositions! This week our adventure is discovering the wines from Australia, now far more than just Shiraz and Chardonnay, there is now a wealth of variety on offer in this fascinating region. Australia is one of the world's largest exporters of wine, with around 800 million litres exported overseas each year. 

The course has been created by Wine Australia and has recently been revamped and broken into 25 topics covering grape varieties and regions, plus themed sections such as Foundations of Australian wine, Organic and biodynamic wine, and Aged Australian wines. The content is visually appealing, creative, and diversified between reading and watching material.

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Here's what people have to say about the course:


"Australian Wine Discovered is an absolute must-have for everyone who is involved in wine education."

                                                                                         - Thomas Curtius, Master of Wine


"The education I did for our staff-educators went super well, much thanks to Australian Wine Discovered materials."

                                                                                        - Marie Hultin, Buyer at Systemboiaget



If you would like to taste some excellent examples of Australian wines, EWGA recommend trying the excellent wines from Berton vineyard in South Eastern Australia. Check out their story in this video:




Head Over Heels is one of our best-selling wine ranges. The wine comes from Berton Vineyards in High Eden, a sub-region of the Barossa Valley, South Australia. Their idyllic property sits 450m above sea level on gently rolling hills. Their wines receive strong reviews and accolades internationally, and in 2014 they were rated amongst the top producers in terms of quality in Australia.

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Head Over Heels CaseHead Over Heels Pinot GrigioHead Over Heels Cabernet Merlot.pngHead Over Heels Shiraz


 See you next week for another installment of Learning with EWGA Wines.


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