Learning With EWGA Wines - Burgundy

Learning With EWGA Wines - Burgundy

This week we invite you to learn about the renowned wines of Burgundy, arguably the worlds best chardonnay and pinot noir producing region. 


Located in the east-central part of France, Burgundy consists of around 27,700 hectares of vineyards divided between five wine-growing regions. This prestigious wine region produces around 150 million litres of wine each year - just 3% of the total production of wine in France


Similarly to most famous French wine regions, the history of winemaking in Burgundy dates back to the Romans.


It can take many years to learn about the intricacies of Burgundy wine, from its appellations and stylistic nuances to the precise location of its patchwork quilt of climates. However, today's course brought to you by Burgundy‚Äôs regional wine board, the BIVB, will teach you all you should know in just 90 minutes. 


videos from winegrowers etc


The course is elaborately put together - combining text, video and interactive elements to keep you engaged throughout the duration of the program. Your read will be accompanied by French narration which certainly adds to the appeal of the course. You will learn about the history, climate, winemaking and at the end, you will know enough to give sound advice to others.


Get started with the course here: http://elearning.vins-bourgogne.fr/#!/en/start 


If you have not got the time to do the full course, you might be interested in the following video: 




Check out our selection of wines from the Burgundy wine region here. And get in touch if you would like to list any of our wines in your restaurant, hotel or shop. 


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