Learning With EWGA Wines - Rioja, Spain

Learning With EWGA Wines - Rioja, Spain

This week our learning with EWGA series is taking us to Spain's most famous wine region, Rioja. The region produces around 300 million litres of wine every year, with a vast majority of it being red at nearly 90%. The geographical area of Rioja is divided into three zones and stretches 75 miles of various micro-climates, topographies and soil types. This combined with different styles of winemaking in each bodega makes for a wonderful wine region to explore in a glass of wine. 


The course is brought to us by the official Rioja organisation, and their website is a great resource for news, guides and courses like this one. The Rioja Wine Diploma is a 100% online, open and free course, all you have to do is register and this concise and intensive course will be at your disposal.

Check it out here: https://riojawineacademy.com/en/itinerary/rioja-wine-diploma/0


This is a much more in-depth course in terms of content and getting thorough it, with an estimated duration of around 15 hours. You will have to pay good attention to its content to get the required 100% of the questions correctly at the end of each module.


Our Riojan partners, Eguren Ugarte are a family winery with 150 years worth of experience operating out of the beautiful Rioja Alavesa, the most prestigious region of Rioja. Check out what they have to say about winemaking through the words of Vitorino Eguren:


 (remember to turn on the subtitles, unless you speak Spanish of course)


Finally, we have put together a case of Eguren Ugarte 'Young Wines', a selection of three wines harvested in the last three years. 

(click on the image to go to the selection)

young wines v2

Eguren Ugarte CaseEguren Ugarte CosechaEguren Ugarte RosadoEguren Ugarte Blanco presentation


Next week, we will start to explore some of the French wine regions on the Learning with EWGA Wines series. See you later!


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