EWGA's Long Service Heroes!

EWGA Wines is extremely lucky to have such a dedicated team!

EWGA's Long Service Heroes!

EWGA's Long-Serving Hereos


It is undeniable the tremendous value individuals can bring to any business. That is why we are extremely proud of having such a good track record of employee retention with some of our team members being with us for over 20 years! Most importantly, we are really happy that our employees feel content with their work and up for the challenge every single day.

From warehouse staff and logistics through to sales and management, EWGA is a family-like company made up of a group of enthusiastic people who come together as a team to give our customers the best service possible. 

We believe that a well-trained, experienced staff is what helps us stay on track and continue to develop. Beyond experience, our staff have exceptional product knowledge and the ability to advise the customer on our products and services in any situation.

Perhaps the most important are the relationships that our team forges and cultivates each day. From Jess taking the customer orders over the phone and being a familiar voice for our wholesale customers; Amanda advising our trade customers on stock availability; Sue organising and ensuring all transport is on schedule; Tony safeguarding the picking process; to Steve guaranteeing your wine is delivered on time, every time. 

Furthermore, in the spirit of our grape to glass ethos, the bonds we have developed with our winemakers would not have been possible if it was not for our excellent staff who liaise with the wineries directly and stay informed on everything that is happening with their wines from grape to glass.


Meet our long service heroes:

Janette (sales) - Our current Sales Director - Janette was recruited as the first-ever full-time salesperson, bringing her hospitality experience and management degree to start the building of our wonderful sales team. That was over 21 years ago now. A word from Janette:

My 21-year EWGA adventure has seen many changes, the company has certainly grown beyond recognition in terms of the facilities, range of exclusive wines and geographical area that we now cover. The golden thread that has run through the company for all that time is the dedicated loyal team of staff who work hard to ensure that our customer service levels are exceptional. Having such a long-serving team helps to maintain those levels and makes EWGA a fun place to work. 


Dave (warehouse) - Over 20 years! That is how long Dave has been a part of the EWGA team. He joined in 1999 - the same year Britney Spears released her first album. Not that it is in any way related. 


Vicky (logistics) - Over her two stints at EWGA, Vicky has amassed an impressive 20 years of service. She has just retired in May, but we thought it is only fitting to give her a mention. Enjoy your retirement!


Tina (sales) - The longest-serving team member in Wickwar, Tina has done over 21 years between Heritage and EWGA wines. Her experience is second to none, and her customers describe her as the perfect account manager.


Abbi (finance) - Credit control is no easy task, but Abbi has been doing an excellent job of it for many years. In various finance functions, she has been an asset to the team for nearly 20 years!


Antony (logistics) - The manager of our Wickwar bonded warehouse has been with the company for over 17 years. He started with Heritage wines and continued his excellent work after the acquisition. 


Gemma (logistics) - Just like Antony, Gemma has been with the company for over 17 years and helps keep the Wickwar operations moving smoothly.


Steve (driver) - A motoring enthusiast, Steve can be found riding motorbikes during the weekend. At work, he brings peaceful energy to the team and has been with us for 14 years.


Peter (sales) - Over 30 years of experience in the wine industry and education in Viticulture and Oenology makes Pete a vital talent of the sales team. We have been lucky to have him with us for nearly 14 years.


Simon (logistics) - Our resident fishing enthusiast has been with EWGA for 11 years. Simon is an experienced logistics manager and a great asset to the team. His dark humour is the stuff of legends. 


Jon (Winetime Manager) - The manager of WineTime Liverpool, Jon has been managing the retail arm of EWGA for over 11 years!  Extremely knowledgeable, helpful and friendly - as described by all his customers.


Craig (sales) - At EWGA for over 10 years, Craig uses his hospitality background and extensive wine knowledge to cement long term trading partnerships with his customers.


Amanda (admin) - The main person of contact at our Wickwar office, Amanda manages the Southern headquarters and takes care of all the trade orders. She is a beam of positive energy and has graced us with her presence for 10 years now! 


Collectively, our long service heroes have almost 200 years at EWGA Wines. Their loyalty and dedication are much appreciated and we are honoured to have them as part of the team!


Thank you to our EWGA team!