EWGA Receives Always Evolving Award

EWGA Receives Always Evolving Award

EWGA are thrilled to announce that they received the 'Always Evolving Award' at the recent Adnams supplier awards. 

Adnams Brewery has a long and rich heritage. Beer has been brewed on the same site for at least 670 years. They are proud of their history and Adnams today looks towards the future and continues to innovate and evolve. They also supply a carefully selected range of wines and spirits to their estate. 

EWGA are proud to supply Adnams with some wines for their portfolio.

EWGA is always changing and ensuring that they improve their business, service and range. They have had three major improvements this year. 

This began with launching their new website which is far more informative and user friendly. All wines are listed enabling customers to download both specification sheets directly, as well as hi-resolution images of the products. 

EWGA are always educating their staff and customers. As they supply to various industries, they ensure that all staff members who would like to know more about how wine is produced and different methods used, can find the information on the website with pictures and step-by-step descriptions. 

On-site training is available to all staff and the website also enables them to have a more in-depth understanding of the wine industry. 

Orders can be placed directly on-line with their B2B systems, allowing ease of use and orders can be placed at the client's convinience.

Industry news, events and interesting information is also on the website. Most recent content includes details on the Cartmel Races, Tom Jones concert, Wine Awards and Rioja Wine Courses.

Another project EWGA have been working on is their new exclusive wine, which was launched earlier this year, South Island, Savignon Blanc, New Zealand.

All sales staff were included in the initial designs and presentations. A final vote was taken on what they wanted to achieve and the target market they wanted to reach. The team went through a number of design ideas and decided on the Maori soulmate symbol.

EWGA are thrilled with these accomplishments and are excited to see what other opportunities the future holds.