Introducing Propeller - Agents of Change For The UK Wine Trade

Propeller enables boutique wine producers to enter the UK market

Introducing Propeller - Agents of Change For The UK Wine Trade

Propeller - The Ultimate Launch Partnership

The idea behind Propeller is to help boutique producers and wine brands successfully launch their wines into the tremendously difficult and competitive UK market. Propeller offers a distribution as a service model and promises to guide winemakers through all the stages of importation, storage, sales, marketing and distribution to the UK's top independent retailers and regional wholesalers without the need for an agent.

All this, whilst the producer retain control of their wines' presence in the UK, rather than having an agent dictate the rules. After the producer's profile and sales volumes are established in the UK, they can continue with Propeller or use their newly built relationships to find a suitable partner in the market. 

This disruptive model is a brainchild of Propeller's founder, Jamie Wynne-Griffiths who over nearly 30 years in the industry saw the hardships faced by new wine producers entering the UK market in the traditional agent or importer method. Now, Propeller provides the producer with a strong alternative, which puts them centre-stage of the whole operation. Propeller's individually crafted strategies for each producer, combined with EWGA's administrative and distribution support gives the producer the best prospect for success. The expanding Propeller's marketing and sales team, joined by EWGA's experienced salesforce ensure that the producer gets the attention they deserve.

How does it work? Partnering with Propeller. 


The Propeller Process 

The Propeller process begins with an initial assessment of the producer's wine style, presentation, pricing aspirations and its place in the UK market. We do this to ensure your investment in Propeller produces optimal results and there will be plenty of interest in your wines from our network of independent retailers and regional wholesalers. In case that the assessment determines that some adjustments are needed, we will let you know right away. Our earnest process gives you the best chance of success. 

Once, the producer is contented with their prospects and understands the process a contract is signed. Propeller recommends a minimum of 6 months to allow for solid progress in the market and to ensure the strategies have time to deliver results. This is especially important when factoring in shipping time and the import process. 

Speaking of transport, we work with outstanding international hauliers and can arrange safe, lawful and timely shipment of your wine to EWGA's UK warehouses. Your wine will be stored in one of two bonded warehouses owned by EWGA, handled by well-trained operatives. 

During the shipment process, Propeller will benchmark the market for your wine and draw together a sales and marketing action plan. This dynamic process will continue throughout the length of the contract, and at the end of each month, the producer will receive a detailed report breaking down sale volumes, progress in the market and feedback from customers and prospects. From all the sales of your wine, you will make your wholesale margin.

Thanks to Propeller's unique service, the producer earns a wholesale margin, which would ordinarily go to the importer under the traditional model. Propeller's monthly retainer is fixed, and the aim is to get the producer to become cost-neutral as soon as possible. This means the producer earns more in margin than the value of the retainer paid for Propeller's services.

Most importantly, compared to a normal importer relationship, the producer's wines are centre-pieces in Propeller's targeted sales approach. The producer knows exactly where and how their wine is sold. And, because of the pay for service model, the producer can expect results.


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Thanks to the assessment process outlined above and the unique model, Propeller can tackle some of the wine regions and styles which may otherwise be overlooked by traditional importers. This ensures that the Propeller's line-up of wines is always fresh, interesting and distinct. All wine brands or winemakers partnered with Propeller have their own unique market proposition, which will help them succeed in the UK market and stand out on shop shelves and wine displays.

The up to date group of Propeller's producers can be found on their website. Without a shadow of a doubt, if you are a retailer or a wholesaler you will find a special wine or producer to suit your business. Today's impressive selection ranges from environmentally orientated boutique winemakers making organic and vegan wines to grandiose champagne makers. There are quirky brands that rebel against the outdated wine rules, like Bowl Grabber and winemakers who are daring to be different - coming up with something Loco.

Propeller encourages the building of meaningful relationships between the producers and the buyers, whether that’s online or in person. Your feedback can directly influence the products. 

How to order the wines? 


The good news is that if you are already an EWGA customer, you can simply add the Propeller wines you like to your regular order. Browse through the current Propeller wines selection available from EWGA here. If you are logged into your account simply click the 'add to order' button on the product page, and you will have it with your next order. 

If you do not have an account with us yet or would like to request the most up to date Propeller price list, just email or give us a call on 01524 737 100. 

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