South Island: New vintage and presentation

The new 2017 vintage, along with its new presentation picked up a Silver Outstanding Medal at the 2017 International Wine and Spirit Competition. (IWSC)

The judging panel remarked that:

"The Sauvignon Blanc - Marlborough - was a large catergory. However, we only had two silver outstanding and 1 gold outstanding, so this achievement was very high indeed - in the top 10% of awards in the flight."

Pip Mortimer, Senior Tasting Manager, IWSC Group. 

Sourced from the valleys in the Marlborough wine region, this Sauvignon Blanc displays the flavour profile that is inescapably Marlborough.

Aromas of citrus with subtle tropical aromas of goosberry and passionfruit. 

The palate is fruit forward with a fresh clean finish. The best parcels of fruit have been selected, which best represent the quality of the season and the vineyards.


ALC 12.5% vol.