IL Conte Villa Prandone


Known mainly for the production of wines characteristic of the area, IL Conte Villa Prandone is differentiated by the constant, extreme research of absolute quality.

The origin of the agricultural company has deeps roots, between history, art and viviculture of the Marche. Located in the centre of 40 hectares of vineyards in property, Monteprandone in Contrada Colle Navicchioa, a beautiful hill facing south, with the breezes and scents of the Adriatic Sea (7KM) to the east, and the favourable climate to the west of the Sibillini Mountains (30KM).

Born next to the vineyards of their family, the third generation brothers De Angelis (Walter, Emmanuel, Samuel and Marina) grew up with love for the countryside and the constant passion for their work, dedicating their lives to continuous improvment, following the footstepts of the Founders ll Papa Marino, and the grandfather Amilcare who together founded the company in the 60s. 

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