Bowl Grabber Alvarinho PT0002


Tasting Notes

Crisp, light-bodied, packed with peach, citrus zest and pear, and vegan friendly. Tradition would have us suggest a food pairing and while we say you can drink it with whatever you like, it goes especially well with fish, vegetarian food and savoury snacks.

About this wine

Bowl Grabber
Vinho Verde

About The Producer

Bowl Grabber

  • Bowl Grabber

    Bowl Grabber (adjective) – someone who holds their wine glass by the bowl, not the stem. A so-called wine faux-pax, but for many a sign you belong to a growing community of people who care more about what’s inside the glass than outdated wine “rules”.

    A Lawyer, an Ad Man, and an MW walk into a bar…
    Bowl Grabber is the brainchild of branding and marketing expert Nick Palmer. Nick brings with him 15 years of experience working in the world’s largest advertising network (WPP). He has an intimate knowledge of targeting the Millennial buyer having worked across clients such as Coca-Cola, Adidas, and Mars. He currently runs the Content Marketing Division of MediaCom – the UK’s largest communications agency. The team also comprises Paul Peake (the lawyer) and Barry Dick MW.

    Propeller is delighted to be working with the team on their launch into the UK’s independent sector. The first 20 retail stockists will be featured in Bowl Grabber’s paid for advertising campaigns which will drive footfall to your store without you needing to do anything – but let your Account Manager know if you’d prefer not to be included in this initiative. Branded tote bags are available free of charge to all stockists, just ask if you’d like some.

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