Vondeling Baldrick Shiraz SA0029


Tasting Notes

Rich deep purple colour. Opulent red and blue fruit with a hint of wood smoke. Profoundly perfumed with high floral notes of violets. Spices include cinnamon and liquorice. A medium bodied wine. Shiraz is the focus of the blend and provides palate weight, dark fruit, subtle pepper and other exotic spices. The Mourvdre adds red fruit and earthy truffles, while the Viognier helps to soften the wine and heightens the aromatics.

About this wine

South Africa
Vondeling Winery
Mouvedre, Shiraz, Viognier
Full and spicy

About The Producer

Vondeling Winery

  • Vondeling Winery

    This historic farm was originally named Vondeling, from whence the wines take their name. It was granted to Swedish immigrant Oloff Bergh by Governor Willem Adriaan van der Stel in 1704. Shady oak trees surround the graciously restored original Farm House, built in 1750.


    The farm has a three-centuries-old winemaking tradition dating back to the early 1700’s. This working wine farm has a tranquil atmosphere with panoramic mountain and vineyard views, and scenic hikes with Table Bay and Mountain visible in the distance.


    This area is rich in indigenous fynbos and four species are unique to the Paardeberg mountain – Babiana noctiflora, Erica hippuris, Oscularia paardebergenis and Serruria roxberghii. The farm, which trades as Vondeling Wines, is owned by Englishman Julian Johnsen and his business associates Anthony Ward, and Richard Gower.

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