Beaumet Cuvee Rose Brut FR0175


Tasting Notes

Fruity aromas on the nose of raspberry and cherry, with a persistent bubble and sparkling. Light and fresh on the palate. 

About this wine

Chateau Malakoff
Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier

About The Producer

Chateau Malakoff

  • Chateau Malakoff

    The Jeanmaire company was founded in 1933 by André Jeanmaire, a vine-grower in Avize, in the heart of the Côte des Blancs. He made the first bottles of “Jeanmaire Blanc de Blancs” Champagne using grapes from his vineyard, listed as a Grand Cru. The elegance and finesse of this cuvée composed solely of Chardonnay rapidly won these bottles a loyal clientele in Paris and then across the main European countries.

    In 1981, Champagne Jeanmaire was taken over by the Trouillard family (who owned Château Malakoff) and thus entered a new phase in its development by diversifying its supplies and expanding its sales presence in France and abroad.

    In 2004, the company became part of Groupe Laurent-Perrier who acquired Château Malakoff.

    Today the Champagnes Jeanmaire can be found in France and in numerous countries such as Sweden, Great Britain, Belgium, Holland, Norway or Japan.

    The company makes champagnes for the general public that can be drunk as an aperitif or a cocktail, offering a fresh and fruity taste. These characteristics can be noted especially in Brut Jeanmaire and Rosé Jeanmaire which, along with Blanc des Blancs, have become the spearhead of the Company.

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