Bodegas Canopy Loco SP0114


Tasting Notes

Fermented in steel and French oak and then aged in a mixture of steel and foudres with plentiful battonage. Named 'Loco' because apparently the team went completely bonkers when they found a 65 year old Garnacha Blanca vineyard, literally the only remaining example in central Spain. Each bottle wears it's own strait jacket, in case you were in any doubt as to the wine's distinct personality.

About this wine

Bodegas Canopy
Garnacha Blanco

About The Producer

Bodegas Canopy

  • Bodegas Canopy

    Founded in 2004 by Belarmino Fernandez and Alfonso Chacon, Canopy has (quite unassumingly) played a significant role in helping the wider world to appreciate what the 'New Spain' is capable of – Michel Bettane even went so far as to acknowledge them as 'architects of the Spanish renassiance'. Belarmino and Alfonso are self-confessed 'terroir obsessives', driven by a desire to bottle the unique characteristics of their little corner of Sierra de Gredos.

    All the wines are foot-trodden and sulphur is kept to an absolute minimum. The philosophy is fundamentally sustainable and organic in practice, but not to the point of certification nor is it bound by particular strictures. As Alfonso puts it, 'There's no need to use alternative vine growing methods like biodynamics. We can make honest wines in Gredos; we only need what nature gives us. Soils, landscape and Garnacha's clonal diversity are really interesting. You get wines that smell of thyme, lavender… the kind of plants that grow around here”.

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