Cantina Del Garda Prosecco Rose, DOC IT0073


Tasting Notes

Delicate pink colour similar to the colour of a peach blossom. The bubbles are fine and persistent. It has an intense nose of peach, raspberry and ripe passion fruit with hints of flowers. The wine is made mostly with Glera grapes and around 10% of Pinot Nero to achieve the pink colour and add to the wine's complexity. The taste is pleasantly dry, zesty and very fresh.

About this wine

Cantina del Garda
Glera, Pinot Noir

About The Producer

Cantina del Garda

  • Cantina del Garda

    Catina del Garda overlooks one of the most beautiful shores of Lake Garda, one of the biggest Italian bodies of water that extends into three Northern Italian regions: Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige and Lombardy. 

    The coast and the inland areas of the lake have a long history of winemaking dating back to the Bronze Ages. The area is the northernmost Mediterranean climate in Europe and offers great conditions for vine cultivation - sunny days and breezy evenings ensure that grapes have ample time to develop their full character and not ripen too quickly.

    Most of Cantina del Garda's vineyards lie in the controlled denomination of origin areas of Bardolino, Custoza, Lugana and Bardolino Superiore. Their DOC and DOCG appellation-specific wines offer great value for money and have a beautiful presentation combining modern and contemporary design styles. 

    The winery pays homage to traditional winemaking and believes in minimal intervention in the vineyard. All their vineyards have spontaneously growing grass to create a habitat rich in biodiversity for plants and animals alike. They maintain the biodiversity of their territory and protect the surrounding areas where many species can flourish.  Since 2012, the winery has been using the main Italian protocols regarding sustainable viticulture and participates in the Italian Wine Union’s Tergeo project.

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