EWGA Ltd has its own bonding facility and as a result, we are able to offer our customers the opportunity to buy wine at Under bond prices.

Under bond sales require the customer to have access to, or have their own Bonded warehouse.

When buying wine Under bond the duty on the wine is not payable, nor is any VAT on the duty or the value of the wine.

When that stock is taken out of bond, the duty and VAT becomes payable to HMRC.

This allows EWGA to offer our customers the very keenest price and allows them to improve cash flow management.

If you do not have access to a Bonded Warehouse you can still take advantage of EWGA’s Underbond pricing.

By utilising the Duty Up Front facility you can pay the Underbond prices, upon despatch the duty applicable to the wine is payable,

as well as the VAT on both the wine and the duty.

We ask that our customers set up a Direct Debit facility to enable efficient payment of the duty,

or to provide us with a CHAPs or Cheque payment in time for dispatch of the order.


To discuss your storage requirements contact us via telephone on 01524 737 100 or email wine@ewga.net